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The Independent Commission Against hero  / 廉政英雄

The Independent Commission Against hero / 廉政英雄

Actors:Lee Cheng-Ying / Yao Yuanhao / Zhouxiao An / Jiang Zuping /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2017-01-22 20:01:54 

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Story about: The Independent Commission Against hero / 廉政英雄
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < The Independent Commission Against hero / 廉政英雄 >
    Stars:Lee Cheng-Ying / Yao Yuanhao / Zhouxiao An / Jiang Zuping /
    Storyline:"Independent Commission Against Hero" is the 2011 drama jointly produced by China, as with the Ministry of Justice. The drama starring directed by an "arbiter" "My Fair Princess" First, two of the Sun Shupei Zhang Jing, Li Cheng-Ying Jiang Zuping, Yao Yuanhao, Liuxiang Ci, Zhou Xiaoan and Yin Chongzhen. Opening Ceremony was held on June 28, 2011, to begin shooting in early July, will then file "recruits diary special war hero" broadcast (depending on Fri 10 pm, every Monday set).

    Drama episode production costs of the Independent Commission Against Hero of up to 2 million units play the way production, the main actor throughout the play, with the unit will join the many heavyweight actors on. Pai murder drama is expected will be shocked the community aired.

    The Independent Commission Against hero describes the confrontation between the plot of cops and robbers, play to prosecutors after the detection of a major case of the community-based. Ministry of Justice has to collect 67 cases, the story of 27 prosecutors, which became a hit real major criminal cases.

    FTV's programming manager, Zhao said in good faith, the story with the social educational significance, love elements, no less, to convey to everyone Care and respect for others. He said that the Independent Commission Against Hero recruits diary shooting more difficult, especially the chase, the bursting of the gun battle scenes need professional and related co-ordination, such as the shootout drama, shot, guns, people who were injured not close-up into the mirror, the big scenes drama film is chaos in the orderly, the test director scheduling strength. He said that audiences accustomed to Hollywood films, but to see the effects it often end up only with the money to drop out of the cops and robbers drama is piled up with emotion.

    Drama "Lian" on June 28 to open a mirror, the first set of units in Kaohsiung viewfinder, the role set to associate the "ruffian hero" in good faith Zhao said: "absolutely not, we will go its own way." Lim, "play it co-operate with the Ministry of Justice, the first episode will be the south-central" drag racing "issue-based, good faith Zhao said:" We will be filming a movie showing a sense of luxury, will be dispatched to the motorcycle chase, the helicopter empty shot. "China as the preliminary estimates suggest that the set of the budget will break 10 million.
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