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Resist! Resist!  / 抵抗!抵抗!

Resist! Resist! / 抵抗!抵抗!

Actors:Song Yuncheng / Wang Gang / Guan Xinwei /

Category:War Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2013-12-16 10:27:21 

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Story about: Resist! Resist! / 抵抗!抵抗!
    War movie < Resist! Resist! / 抵抗!抵抗! >
    Stars:Song Yuncheng / Wang Gang / Guan Xinwei /
    Storyline:"Resistance ! Resistance "is the prototype of the General Huang significant sound about day and night of 18 September 1931 , the Japanese raid BeidayingHekou full retreat of the Northeast Army , Shenyang cede . Yellow remarkable sound , critical moment, the police chief of Shenyang City , decided to pull up resistance the banner to defend the Mukden City to do its utmost to protect the officials , the people the safe transfer, opened a three days and nights of fierce melee . The ultimate success of a breakthrough for some little-known story .
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