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Pom  / 双响炮

Pom / 双响炮

Actors:Hao Hu Bing / Chen Kun / Rene / Chen Zhaorong / Pai Ping-ping /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2033 Updated:2012-04-24 16:44:34 

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Story about: Pom / 双响炮
    Chinese TV < Pom / 双响炮 >
    Stars:Hao Hu Bing / Chen Kun / Rene / Chen Zhaorong / Pai Ping-ping /
    Storyline: the yung comic " Pom " originally talk about the war of the old couple , the wife's mother and son-in-law of war , this drama is to be creative adaptation , the main plot revolves around the romantic adventures of the hero and heroine is a young man met a friend and even friends , more like a prequel of the original works . At the end of the episode , the protagonist of these beautiful people with exaggerated makeup into an old married couple and sarcastic wife's mother , so that they faithfully render the original style , the audience can immediately see the original affectionate lover evolved after many years of marriage became what the style of an old married couple - it seems that " a man eventually the two women , slavery - the wife and the wife's mother " is the historical roots of
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