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The daughter of the sun  / 太阳的女儿

The daughter of the sun / 太阳的女儿

Actors:Lin Penny / Eli Shih / Beatrice Hsu /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2007 Updated:2017-01-24 18:53:08 

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Story about: The daughter of the sun / 太阳的女儿
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < The daughter of the sun / 太阳的女儿 >
    Stars:Lin Penny / Eli Shih / Beatrice Hsu /
    Storyline:has been turned into an angel Xu Weilun last posthumous work "The sun's daughter, will be tight. then in "Hana Kimi" broadcast after completion of launch, China as the audience will be able to appreciate her last appearance. Ride, a life to hold the passion and dream girl, loves her boyfriend to marry out of the car accident brain dead, had signed the book of organ donation, the Serenade of the heart, kidneys, corneas were donated to the Yinsi Jia, Su Hui and Yuma. Shao Qi lost fiancee, one year after heart transplantation to the secrets of a girl named Yin Sijia packed a sad and Moon, went to France to study in order to complete the agreement, and Moon was accidentally met in the Champs Elysees, Paris Yinsi Jia, and Scarlett, male and female friends, will be the thoughts of the Moon is fully ported to Scarlett who unknowingly. In Taiwan, was Shao Qi students of Yuma, also has been an innocent affection, and look forward to someday be able to re-met Shao Qi suddenly cut off the audio. Eight years later, Shao Qi with Si Jia Xuecheng returned, but the presence of Shao Qi hindered Zhang Wen want to be the Yin power plan, in order to defend the love and work, Zhang Wen, constantly encouraging nephew Zhang Junwei to memorial Kerry did not expect always has feelings of love cynical Chun Wai, but then straight Yuma while repeatedly Dodge. In order to complete the Serenade of another dream, Shao Qi encouraged to help Yuma continue to sing the road, also over-frequent interaction, Shao Qi outside Yuma With teachers and students love the feeling of Yuma is also very painful because he had like Shao Qi, but she can not be sorry Scarlett. Zhang Wen deliberately does not work, let Yincheng Tai important, but self-defeating was to Jaime protest Su Hui and Yin Chengtai to catch the line, and then develop the Love of a period if it seems to be no end parties. Unwilling to love and the cause of two empty Zhang Wen, Scarlett and Shao Qi wedding day, Hu Qiang, use the Moon's brother to assassinate Shao Qi, but accidentally Scarlett in the heart of the Moon in the heart of things pulled, in order to protect Shao Qi of Yuma, in the snatch Hu strong knife, careless accidental injury Hu Qiang. Already extremely insecure and has been Moon Scarlett collapse of an imaginary enemy, take the initiative to cancel the wedding, and then postponed indefinitely Yuma LP issue. Yin Chengtai would like to report the the Su Hongren violation of medical ethics will be the name of the recipient outflow Hui Zhongjian letter his father's innocence and commitment Thai disputes between angry, Hui, in grief, to mention resignation, Zhang Wen is proud, but found the Order of Thailand actually therefore a lot of trouble, so the more resentment in the wisdom. Scarlett was canceled after the wedding, deliberately to move closer to Zhang and Zhang Wen rushed quickly match embarrassing Chun Wai, I do not know what to do. The other side, Shao Qi is very self-blame, self-imposed exile, and even the Moon's all burned, the body is now the case of Yuma accompany beside, cursed Shao Qi, even if the Moon's everything burned to the ground. but in the hearts of Shao Qi's Serenade? Based on moral wisdom who volunteered a defense lawyer in Yuma, Yuma, Shao Qi and Hui in the days of mutual support, lay a deep friendship. But Shiu Kee hearts always owed to Scarlett has a shame, to inform Yuma understand, even if the single life, he also can not accept Yuma. Yuma accident that her eyes are also Moon donation, shocked, calm Houyou Ma went to Scarlett showdown, blew the whistle on the matter, and they know Serenade speak out, tell Scarlett, the Moon has said that to like a sunflower always optimistic, if the Moon with their most important heart is a like escape, must be very reluctant to Yuma stimulation and encouragement of Junwei Scarlett slowly out to start movement in an effort to rebuild their lives. Scarlett heart suddenly out of the problem, and admitted to the hospital, Shao Qi came the night waiting for Scarlett asked Shao Qi, is not reluctant to Fengyun heart to? Shao Qi cried, is reluctant to Scarlett ..., doctors announced that at the heart of Scarlett deterioration tendency, you may want to back to the heart, Scarlett was rejected, said Fengyun heart is the Moon to stay, she wants for the Moon their own to live. Miraculous faith Scarlett ride out the storm, after discharge decision and Shao Qi joint effort to build Yuma to become a star Scarlett efforts and affectionate slowly unlock Shao Qi psychological defense. Scarlett and Shao Qi efforts, Yuma slowly built a reputation as the heart is still in love with Shao Qi and painful, while painful, has been waiting for Yuma's Junwei ... finally put down our guard and the Order of Taihe Hui to accept each other at this moment, Zhang Wen design Cantel kill, killing Jaime enterprise, and all push to the wisdom and Yuma. The Scarlett crash admitted to the emergency ward, Shao Qi shocked to find that he has fallen in love with Scarlett, I. At this time, Junwei surprised to discover that everything is Zhang Wen-led, Junwei dilemma, in order to protect Zhang Wen, also in order to Yuma, Junwei all down a surrendered to police. Then Yuma only to find that kind of stability force, in fact, from Junwei, but everything is still time to save you?
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