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Zhuge Liang 1985  / 诸葛亮1985

Zhuge Liang 1985 / 诸葛亮1985

Actors:Adam / Ho Jin / Michelle /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2017-01-31 21:55:47 

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Story about: Zhuge Liang 1985 / 诸葛亮1985
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Zhuge Liang 1985 / 诸葛亮1985 >
    Stars:Adam / Ho Jin / Michelle /
    Storyline: ancient shine of constant military strategists Yusheng , vast and mysterious war strategy to make convergence a military commander originator of the drums of war life . The film focuses on the generation of phase Zhuge Liang's legend . Eastern Han dynasty, warlords and onwards, Zhuge Liang ( Adam decoration ) was born in troubled times , talented, known as " Wolong Mr. . He aloof , Gonggeng , in Nanyang , had played a reclusive life . Liu Bei always on the lookout the Highlighting urge Zhuge Liang of the mountains, the bright moved by their sincerity , then became his right-hand man . During bright emotional entanglements with Missy ( Michelle decoration) . After Liang assisted Liu Bei established Shu , Wei , Wu formed the three pillars of the situation . Bright have intended stepping down gracefully , the helpless regret and feelings of the monarch and his subjects . Liu Bei Baidicheng Tuogu bright, bright vowed to use his life force to assist the young master Liu Shan to complete the great cause of reunification . Zhuge Liang 5 Qishan , large broken Wei , Liu Shan stupid helpless , come to naught . Bright endless grief , coupled with long-term fatigue , contracted serious illness , and eventually dies Finally, Wu Zhang Plains howling autumn ...
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