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Vampire Girls / Kyuuketsu gaaruzu / 吸血ガールズ  / 吸血鬼女孩 / 吸血少女

Vampire Girls / Kyuuketsu gaaruzu / 吸血ガールズ / 吸血鬼女孩 / 吸血少女

Actors:Minori Hatsune / Sayuri Honjo / Kômei Inose / Hiroto Kato / Atsuko Kurusu /

Category:Horror Director:Daisuke Miki /

Year:2011 Updated:2017-04-06 11:31:12 

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Story about: Vampire Girls / Kyuuketsu gaaruzu / 吸血ガールズ / 吸血鬼女孩 / 吸血少女
    Horror movie < Vampire Girls / Kyuuketsu gaaruzu / 吸血ガールズ / 吸血鬼女孩 / 吸血少女 >
    Director:Daisuke Miki /
    Stars:Minori Hatsune / Sayuri Honjo / Kômei Inose / Hiroto Kato / Atsuko Kurusu /
    Storyline:one called you a beautiful girl, though not a beautiful woman, but very gentle. Man named Seiji, the two exchanges is very smooth, gradual awareness they have to be married. Fast into a happy life, a sudden fall into a downturn, about to be married before, a little omen are not, you America and instantly disappeared, friends, colleagues and parents are anxious, but still can not find you the United States, seems to disappear from the disappeared. The Seiji moment difficult to extricate themselves from their grief, still trying not to give up any hope to find you the United States.

    After a year, the Seiji friends - spring, see you America, Seiji get this message immediately rushed to Shinjuku to see you America, but nothing like his own, somehow you America has become in Shinjuku vampires, must always seduce a man, like a demonic monster, especially in the full moon, could not resist the temptation of blood, we must draw the human red blood in order to maintain their own life and vitality. Seiji to find her suffering, you America see in the eyes, hearts bear, Seiji only in the middle of the night, sneaked into the room, secretly make love and passion of his strip, but also to go away quietly like a dream.

    The Seiji see you America, questioning, short and art is a year ago, in a place next to a dark road, the tragic motorcyclist rape, extreme humiliation and wish to suicide Fortunately vampire Luna save you the United States into a vampire. Since then, you America has lost the heart of the people and as human memory, to repeat a day to learn from human blood. Two vampire in Luna and You America, its beauty as the temptation to draw the blood of many lecherous men relentlessly.

    Seiji order to save you the United States, not afraid of any danger, and actively approaching vampire. Finally Luna is his love moved to kill the priests of arrogance, and tell Seiji drank the liquid inside the priests eyes, you America will be able to change by the vampire back to human, because the priest is God's liquid. After a few turn ups and downs, you America was finally revived a, become a true human happiness happy ending, Vampire Luna quietly disappear, I do not know where to go ........
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