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Concubine Yang  / 杨贵妃

Concubine Yang / 杨贵妃

Actors:Jianghua / Wu Mei Heng / Guo Shaoyun / Hoi /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2000 Updated:2017-02-11 13:43:26 

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Story about: Concubine Yang / 杨贵妃
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Concubine Yang / 杨贵妃 >
    Stars:Jianghua / Wu Mei Heng / Guo Shaoyun / Hoi /
    Tang Dynasty reign [ Ganghwa ornaments ] captured the hearts of her elegance stunning , excellent dance ! A chance, the orphan Yang Yuhuan decorated to Hoi ] Since then flew up into the branches to become the Phoenix , the reign of Chong Fei ! Began her legendary life ... thousands of pet began her reign in a romantic love story ... the palace , dangerous place ! More unpredictable people ! Palace concubines , the queen , the Queen Mother jealous of her wisdom , the Wu Huifei [ Guo Shaoyun ] false statement was made by a good friend , but secretly the ring to be framed , so that accidental abortion and was consigned to limbo , and then sending troops fatwa Central, has been disfigurement . More to sow discord between the ring and the grudge between Meifei Melissa Ng ] , resulting in the situation of rivalry of the two Princess ! All rush to ring the eviction ...... all forced ring pampered , can also interfere with the conduct of public affairs, the wielders of power . Reign Zhirenshanren ring cousin Yang Guozhong Tsang Wai Kuen ornaments ] moving steadily soaring , but it attracted Li Linfu [ Guo Feng ornaments ] to compete , but also contributed to the mutiny Lushan [ Louis Yuen decorated ] to reveal the history of "Rebellion" The Empress took the opportunity to request , to the reign of Prince ring or six military is not fat ! Generation of beauty from certain death . Diversity introduced the first episode of Yang Yuhuan childhood, natural beauty , but unfortunately , unfortunately , his parents died , and the occasion only in desperation went to Luoyang , Young Hyun , uncle of vote * vote * uncle on the way due to the case of to the snowstorm and nearly died , but they have met at this time touring the Emperor , and obtaining the soup solution cold , which his sudden and devastating good impression . Hyun Lee of a wife and three daughters - YANG Yu Wang Xiu , Yang Yuling Yang Yuyao , Yuhuan uncle home suffering from Aunt Lee
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