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Catcher  / 麦田

Catcher / 麦田

Actors:Fan Bingbing / the Jue / Du Jiayi /

Category:Action Director:Unknown

Year:2009 Updated:2017-03-29 21:08:26 

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Story about: Catcher / 麦田
    Action movie < Catcher / 麦田 >
    Stars:Fan Bingbing / the Jue / Du Jiayi /

    This is the story of a place in the Warring States era, five days and four nights . Lu -eup , Zhao , a small town . Three years ago, Santo drama onions adults (Wang Xue Qi ornaments ) just married young and beautiful Li (Fan Bingbing decoration ) , it led all the adult men of this tribe and the state of Qin to participate in the Qin Zhao Zhangpingzhizhan . Li , women and children young and old have each day looking forward to Zhao can beat back the state of Qin , the men good to come back early ... Chang Ping, Zhao defeated Qin night massacre captured by Zhao and death , and the scene is both cruel and sorrowful . Chi leisure ( Jue ornaments ) to go home and harvest desires , quietly left the battlefield . Fleeing on the road , leisure encountered a young Chi Noir ( Du Jiayi decoration) , the two different personalities , from mutual suspicion to set foot on Homecoming road . The same time, the pickets of a also a Qin also established the Bureau kill Qin Zhao bilateral , deserters ... dawn , Lu Yap river syncope leisure and Noir , women will save the city . They wake up to know caught in Zhao city of extreme fear , had lied to myself Zhao people . Lu -eup women see two ’ Zhao Death ’ excited, they want to from the two ’ Zhao soldier ’ mouth , to hear the news of war and men , starting with the best etiquette to entertain them . Two Qin Zhao 's men have already died in the massacre , in order to survive , leisure and Noir fabricated Zhao victory over Qin lies in front of the excitement of the city women . That Zhao victory over Qin , give the city of excitement . Leisure and Noir as Zhao 's hero, the kind of glory they never had a taste . Castellan Mrs. Li and priests woman , Wang Ji decorated the entire event to keep calm and tell Road, unknown suspicion , however, lies may be more than real easy to be accepted ... the danger of massacre is also a little bit coming to the city every a person's head ...

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