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Da Zhai Men  / 大宅门续集 / 大宅门2

Da Zhai Men / 大宅门续集 / 大宅门2

Actors:Chen Baoguo Tong Ruixin He Saifei Lei Kesheng Bei Liu Han Tongsheng Li Qinqin and /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2009 Updated:2017-02-21 19:59:35 

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Story about: Da Zhai Men / 大宅门续集 / 大宅门2
    Chinese TV < Da Zhai Men / 大宅门续集 / 大宅门2 >
    Stars:Chen Baoguo Tong Ruixin He Saifei Lei Kesheng Bei Liu Han Tongsheng Li Qinqin and /
    Storyline:white mansion door after three Venerable Master Kao Bai Yingyu the Japanese aggressors is morally Kangkaijiuyi the struggle, Qi Ye Bai Jingqi intestate, holding the fight to the death such as are worthy of belief, determination and the Japanese invaders Zhouxuandaodi. The evening with Li Xiangxiu reconsidered transferred "secret" was the unanimous opposition of the Young nine red, white professional. The next day, the Seventh Lord with his grandson, white of jail, by Li Xiangxiu such as for the design to break through the layers of defense line of the Japanese invaders and the traitors, false marriages rescued Zhanyuan fled to the liberated areas to participate in the Eighth Route Army. The Seventh Lord of torture stake, under the careful arrangement of the underground before the Seventh Lord rescued. Qi Ye again the identity of the Chamber of Commerce, the internal contradictions of the enemy to get rid of the traitor Wang Xiguang. A large number of embargoed drugs smuggled into the anti-Japanese front-line and the liberated areas. Seventh Lord of the granddaughter of white America and a pupil more and other young people adhere to the anti-Japanese. More child was seriously injured, Seventh Lord save, traitor Guan Jing San in search of the child the more the nick of the Japanese surrender. The joy of family, the darker during the rule of the Kuomintang. Guan Jing San became an anti-Japanese heroes, the reoccurrence of Seventh Lord in prison. By Li Xiangxiu multi-good offices, and finally sentenced to Qi Ye not guilty, the son of Seventh Lord in the home white dedicated to doing everything possible to thwart the marriage of white America, and the child the more. Resulting in white America neurological disorders away from home. Qi Ye concubine Yang nine red bent and daughter Bai Jiali and earnest persuasion, Qi Ye put granddaughter Ho Kee and Calli Tong Fu Taiwan on the eve of the liberation. But Calli final unidentified nine red, nine red sad disappointment hunger strike and died.
    The liberation army entered Peking, white accounted for Military Control Commission of the leadership. The family was alarmed at the revolutionaries in Guan Jing San finally exposed the ugly face. In the assassination of Zhanyuan been killed by our military. At this point, missing more than a year of white America suddenly home. No one can ask of her whereabouts. After the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea "," the three evils, three anti-"," Bill Spear and other sports, Qi Ye and Li Xiangxiu by the profound education was only followed the Communist Party have a way out. Both took part in the CPPCC. Qi Ye and took part in glorious National Day tea party, and the movement of public-private partnership ", in medicine the first to achieve a" joint venture ". The collection of a hundred years, "White House secret dedicated to the country. The Li Xiangxiu personal future, buy a child Lee God for the foster child. Inherit her property. Corrupted, home to fight for the division of property coincided with Qi Ye Mei Bai Yuting Select heir. So father and son, husband and wife, siblings, siblings have enemies. Death to death, crazy crazy. White America after after two marriages, unhappy, angry and brandished a knife and cut the cause of her unfortunate mother and sister. Sister injured died. White America also died in the hospital, we know the years of missing white America has been pregnant and produced a child. Li Xiangxiu adopted son Lee Heaven admitted to the University after many years by the party's education, the hatred of the bourgeois family, denial of inheritance, and finally and Li Xiangxiu break, while away from home and find his biological mother and brother. Bai Yuting the chosen heir to the virtues of her property all the volumes out of the country. Her dismal death in front of Seventh Lord's.
    Qi Ye see the home, unfortunately, deeply aware of the feudal families will be eliminated by the historical and social. Intestate, and to give up all the dividends. Property donated to the "Forbidden City". And exhorted future generations, self-finished product of the Sacrificial Rites do not forget to report Naiweng ".
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