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Wise invincible  / 智者无敌

Wise invincible / 智者无敌

Actors:Chen Baoguo / Chie Tanaka / Huang Man / Ding Zhicheng / nankantoa /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2017-01-29 19:12:47 

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Story about: Wise invincible / 智者无敌
    Chinese TV < Wise invincible / 智者无敌 >
    Stars:Chen Baoguo / Chie Tanaka / Huang Man / Ding Zhicheng / nankantoa /
    Storyline:in the friend Takeda cover, in the village power to get away from the "Sorge incident eyes of the military remained loyal to reliable, and was sent to Shanghai as the Japanese in China, especially in the Operations Department Director of In fact, he was in the secret of China's development in Japan senior figure, who would have thought his true identity is the Chinese Communist agents "cuckoo"? Ironically, he was sent back to Shanghai's main task is to arrest the "cuckoo". Wise invincible in the village power, to decide the way he does not have direct contact with the Comintern, the only way is to old Guo by his single-line contact, the information through the Yan'an transferred to the Comintern. Sold, but the organization internal enemy "pigeons" old Guo was arrested, he committed suicide for the protection of the village power. "White Dove" is a spy organization "of Japan in Shanghai Mei organs" authority long shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao An insert in the underground party organization within a pawn. It is through him, the Japanese know the senior military officers in addition to the CPSU, "Sorge" outside the group, as well as a Chinese Communist "cuckoo". The threat of "cuckoo" fear of the Japanese military suspected to Zuo Zhen Zhao, time is the military adviser of the Wang Jingwei government. Then sent the old agent and his qualifications in the village power to investigate. Similarly, clear their own identity, the film Zuo Zhen Zhao Suohuai suspected of is in the village of power, while the gendarmerie headquarters of Fujita, commander of the surface to help in the village of power investigation Ying Zuo fact, he is also a letter But in the village of power, therefore let go so that shadow rank and file and in the village of reactive phase bucket. Ying Zuo, his skeleton staff of the gendarmerie headquarters TOKKO, Tian Zhongyun child recommended to the pillow mat at the edge of the village power. Power in the village know that the situation is dangerous, and the European field does not allow him to delay; old Guo's sudden death of the single-line contacts to his surprise, and sometimes intelligence appealed to nowhere; "pigeons" eyeing also reminded that he must be extremely careful; and and the woman of his Strange Bedfellows nonsense are not to talk nonsense. Even under such tremendous pressure, Nakamura power still does not change his humor free and easy, it seems at ease not care about the true nature of his enemies can not touch one of his actual situation, to some extent.
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