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Shadow ghost  / เงาพราย / 影鬼

Shadow ghost / เงาพราย / 影鬼

Actors:Margie / Tui / Jackie / Sornram Theppitak /

Category:SG MAS TL Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2015-07-21 09:52:37 

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Story about: Shadow ghost / เงาพราย / 影鬼
    Singapore Malaysia Thailand TV < Shadow ghost / เงาพราย / 影鬼 >
    Stars:Margie / Tui / Jackie / Sornram Theppitak /
    Storyline:Tan, has been living in a foreign country until you return to Thailand to inherit the legacy of his grandfather - an old mansion . Grandfather's will, said the antiques of the storeroom should be all thrown into the water , so Tan and servants holding these things to lose . Tan to see one of the jar is very beautiful , and secretly stayed . Jar of mercury was Tan careless splash out , the results of which closed the shadow ghost Prai followed ran out . Prai said Tan anything can be , but it must be to a person's life in exchange . Tan has been very jealous of his wealthy friend Rat . Rat girlfriend Pim Tan also like Pim . Tan on the request Prai Pim help him . So Prai let Tan to become rich , then let the Rat business bankruptcy , so breaking up with a Tan, Pim told Rat .
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