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Whitehall boots  / 怀特霍尔街上的长统靴

Whitehall boots / 怀特霍尔街上的长统靴


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Year:2011 Updated:2017-04-09 20:39:07 

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Story about: Whitehall boots / 怀特霍尔街上的长统靴
    Comedy movie < Whitehall boots / 怀特霍尔街上的长统靴 >
    Storyline: World War II is a stalemate period, Hitler three men Satan - Nazi Air Marshal Goering, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, the party Wei Army chief Heinrich Himmler - to come up with a splendid idea, they have to dig an undersea tunnel across the English Channel, so they can be in God I do not know the circumstances of secrecy to capture London! At this time, a group of villagers to take on the last line of defense to block Nazi.
    The time is World War II in the early Nazi Germany is prepared to use blitzkrieg annexation out in a very short time the whole of Europe. The entire British army dispatched to Dunkirk. And the history books written by British no good way to German drive away from their own land. The two sides so a stalemate. This time, the German move from a crooked brains, they are ready to dig a tunnel directly to London, from the English Channel below, and do good in one fell swoop out of the British Government, and then win without fighting.
    When the German invasion began, the British troops simply vulnerable. They soon occupied London, only a few personal guards to Churchill with a Downing Street. Throughout the UK into a corner, even the great Winston Churchill could not do anything.
    In the British countryside, a farmer led the armed companions prepared to go to London, and German guerilla. However, on the road, they met the Prime Minister and his guards. For security and preservation of strength, the Prime Minister prepared to pass through the Hadrian Wall, fled to Scotland, to temporarily hide. In the land of Scotland, has assembled a large number of British troops. Churchill down and the German occupation of England, will be entered to Scotland. Therefore, the troop build-up in Scotland, is his last chance.
    Now, the farmers have a chance to prove himself during the war years, he has the opportunity to make a hero. The farmer has been to not be center of attention, while others think he is a useless, stupid guy. All this "big hand" to blame. Even the army because his hand is too big to shut out. Churchill to his task very difficult. Myths in the UK, lived in the north of Scotland, a group of savages, they are invincible, for intruders, they will not hesitate to each other to shreds. The farmer's task is to find them.
    Sentence review
    British spoof of World War II is also the "culmination". Such a traditional puppet animation has a lot of strange stories and through silly jokes. Very ornamental.
    - The Hollywood Reporter
    British humor, which is the most orthodox English sense of humor. Although the film Senate combined the elements of a lot of "Team America: World Police", but this is still an orthodox British Film.
    - Movie Eye
    A good script as a foundation, a group of excellent actors to do voice, so that a puppet animation irresistible.
    - Filmstalker
    Such a mix and match traditional British action films and comedy style of puppet animation was amazing, from the film, we see the infinite possibilities of the movie, as long as you want, you can do it.
    - Flickfeast
    Behind the scenes
    Find the biggest names in
    Although only the debut of Mike Henry brothers, but in the film, they gathered a large number of well-known British actors for the dubbing of the characters in the movie: Ewan McGregor, Rosamund Pike, Richard Grant Tom Wilkinson and Alan Cumming, and so on the biggest names in the list. How did they do to the biggest names willing to listen to the two less experienced director to send? Of course, this must begin at the beginning.
    The film's producer, Carl Richards said: "When I came to the crew, many things have been forming: the screenplay, art design, and so on. McHenry brothers have worked on this for 3-4 years time, they the design of the draft was referred to my hands, I saw, very popular with the infection. This is a crazy, funny, very entertaining, but also has some meaning story, so I decided for the film cost and investment, because such a script is done for financial reasons there is no way to shoot will be a frustrating thing. Fortunately, I soon find adequate funding. the beginning of the film set. McHenry Brothers Advance very good, so we did not encounter too many problems shot, the script and the character set does not expand the scope of modifications smoothly to shoot down. "
    Of course, we should be a good script playing a good cartoon, just not enough funds, it also needs a great voice cast, McHenry brothers how to get those star players, let them in the animated "vocals "it? In fact, the method they use is very original is also very simple, two brothers, pick a sunny Sunday, sat down and wrote a voice actor of their hearts the ideal candidate list, and then follow the names on the list. them one by one letter to the voice actors to introduce the film in mind, an indication of needs. Carl said: "They are very lucky actors who have received the letter did not refuse the invitation of the McHenry brothers, they fully came to the crew. I think they should be impressed by the script of the film. After all, so insane, crazy, and the United Kingdom Lun script and rare. Rosamund Pike first came to the crew, Ewan McGregor is the last one. Dominic West in the film to a mind stupid American voice. These stars are basically working together, there really can not withdraw from the film being shot, only to work alone during the shoot, the script was rewritten some, because some actors will be in the studio improvisation lines improvise lines memorable. "
    In fact, the brother of McHenry at the time of writing scripts, voice actor there by default. Edward McHenry Master: "write the farmer, my mind is Ewan McGregor's image; write the pastor's daughter, and I can not stop to imagine Rosamund Pike. They are best of several actors at this stage, but their voices are also strong plasticity. In other words, got their voice, the basic multiplier. Of course, they did not reject us, came to the crew. Ivan see scripts are laughing spray. "
    The hybridity style
    In the film, in addition to the character says is British English, there is still a traditional shadow of the British action films, but the overall style of the film but the hustle and bustle of the "Team America" ​​style. This mix and hybridity style popular with audiences, especially in the cold humor in the film, the language of violence and contrary to the history of "spoof".
    For his brother in the movie, Mike Henry brothers Edward McHenry - he was only 26 years old, his brother was only 23 years old - said he would rather the film be seen as an attempt, rather than steady business operation. He said: "the film's inspiration comes from, I used to shoot a short video clip, it is a story about the Vietnam War film of this style is not new for us, because we shot before this short of a similar style, but those clips are not so crazy. This is a Joking history of film, there are many folk stories, which of course the official history of the expression is not the same as the film is very contemporary, including lines of characters, costumes, distribution, automobiles, tanks, aircraft, construction, etc., we are all in accordance with the historical appearance of to be the performance you can see the elaborate puppets can be found, they are very realistic, but many details withstand scrutiny. My brother and I are very much like the 1940s British film, regardless of what kind of British film, the creation of Michael Powell and Emeric force Pease Berg classic movie or comedy or World War II piece or, I liked the film, we also try to restore the texture of those movies. "
    As for how to make these puppets move up, McHenry brothers play to their wisdom, they used three methods to shoot the movie. The first is the traditional "to pose, like shooting set animation, little by little movement of the character" shot put "out; The second is a modern CGI technology, they use these techniques produced the facial expression, speech facial movements, etc.; third McHenry Brothers "invented" a technique that is to combine puppets and animation. In the background of the production of the sky, grassland, etc., this technology has a huge role. Producer Carl said: "use CGI to produce a cartoon, in this day and age is not too difficult, this technique has been very mature, but use the puppet to shoot an animation is still very hard, This is almost entirely a manual to live. also the whole crew back and forth and hesitant to adhere to the idea of ​​the first puppet animation we have experienced, ‘ me give it a try can do so ’ to & lsquo ; must it do it ’ the course of his younger brother Rory McHenry said: "Although a bit difficult, but we still enjoy it a lot of voice actors came to the crew attracted the attention of those puppets Hitler and Churchill, two guys, because they made it is too realistic, we are on their appearance, some exaggerated, see these two dolls will laugh Ivan the voice of the farmer Eric he has a pair of huge hands, and everyone saw him, always go to touch its hands, and then only pay attention to other details of the clothing, hair, etc.. support those guns in the movie - the bomb tanks, planes, motorcycles and the like, are produced in accordance with the picture on the book, we will ensure that real. "
    · The film's director Edward McHenry and Rory Mack Henry brothers. This is the first time they shot the animated feature film.
    McHenry family's father, David McHenry is the film's art design, he was once a movie "Becoming Jane Austen" Art and Design.
    * The film's source of inspiration for the production of an animated short before the brothers, that video tells a story during the Vietnam War.
    · Brothers to a certain actor for prototype creation script.
    * The film is known as the British version of "Team America".
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