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The Kind Wife / chak-han-a-nae / 착한아내 / 善良的妻子

The Kind Wife / chak-han-a-nae / 착한아내 / 善良的妻子

Actors:Park Min-kyeong / Cha Jin-wook /

Category:Love Director:Ji Kil-woong /

Year:2015 Updated:2017-04-08 17:20:40 

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Story about: The Kind Wife / chak-han-a-nae / 착한아내 / 善良的妻子
    Love movie < The Kind Wife / chak-han-a-nae / 착한아내 / 善良的妻子 >
    Director:Ji Kil-woong /
    Stars:Park Min-kyeong / Cha Jin-wook /
    Storyline:Tae-joon and Seo-yeon wrap up their city life and start over in a quiet countryside. Tae-joon is still learning how to farm and he hasn't had a decent harvest of fruits for several years. He gets stressed and blames the soil. Seo-hyeon suggests they start a 'sharing house' to relieve his pressure. They invite a new family into their house to 'share' and that it Hwai (Lee Ja-eun). She is a novelist who writes about her experience with another man. She had an affair with Tae-joon in the past. She resented him but still loved him and couldn't get over him which is why she went all the way down there. She takes over the house which once used to be Tae-joon and Seo-hyeon's space. Hwai puts pressure on Tae-joon and provokes him by seducing Seo-hyeon's carpentry teacher Jae-rim. Hwai shakes up Seo-hyeon and tries to make Tae-joon hers while Seo-hyeon struggles to protect her family home.
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