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Deep Story / 깊은 사정 / 禁止的爱:情深深

Deep Story / 깊은 사정 / 禁止的爱:情深深

Actors:최민호 / 오다아스카 / 사쿠라유라 /

Category:Love Director:이마오카신지 /

Year:2017 Updated:2017-04-08 17:38:49 

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Story about: Deep Story / 깊은 사정 / 禁止的爱:情深深
    Love movie < Deep Story / 깊은 사정 / 禁止的爱:情深深 >
    Director:이마오카신지 /
    Stars:최민호 / 오다아스카 / 사쿠라유라 /
    Storyline:Hostess Aki has drinks with men and gets allowance in return. She survives day by day until one day she hears from Saiki that there is someone looking for a fake marriage partner. Aki thinks about it, but in the end decides to do it and marries Jin-il when she is on the verge of being evicted. They become a married couple, but Jin-il's girlfriend visits from Korea and they have sex every night...
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