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Ji Mu Zhi Jia / 積木之家 / 植剧场之积木之家 / 积木之家

Ji Mu Zhi Jia / 積木之家 / 植剧场之积木之家 / 积木之家

Actors:Eli Shih / Lin Jun / Figaro Ceng / Chen Wanting /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-03-27 20:13:09 

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Story about: Ji Mu Zhi Jia / 積木之家 / 植剧场之积木之家 / 积木之家
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Ji Mu Zhi Jia / 積木之家 / 植剧场之积木之家 / 积木之家 >
    Stars:Eli Shih / Lin Jun / Figaro Ceng / Chen Wanting /
    Storyline:"Theater" by Wang Xiaodi, Xu Yuting and Chen Yuxun, Xu Fujun and other frontline director leader, Rainie Yang, Wu Kangren, Lan Ching Lung winning actor behind the show. Plant theater in order to nurture Taiwan drama friendly ecology as the goal, the conclusion of "love growth, thriller, mystery, the original adaptation" four new themes, the series of eight, vowed to create a new era of Taiwan drama. In the early Eli Shih and director Wang Xiaodi cooperation "with" the duckling hen, is pushing the show "home" building blocks ", will soon be zoomed to him to let him play with the ghost on the heart of fear ghost month, also broke the news of their mother said" how to shoot this film a "ghost month, Eli Shih said he had wanted to pursue a dream dessert, does not intend to do this play, but is one in the drama teacher Wang Xiaodi moved hard decided to do. Happy family, how such building blocks like qingtui, instantly collapse. Half sister Kaiqi and Yi Juan, parents in the accident after the death of two people to each other, a different path in character and life on the road. When Yi Juan and his architect husband David married, expecting her first baby in the life, because of inertia self mutilation and mental illness, nursing long Kaiqi has been discharged, will greet the new life...
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