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Actors:李准 / 李宥利 / 郑素敏 / 金海淑 / 金英哲 / 柳秀荣 / 柳和荣 / 闵真雄 / 安孝燮 /

Category:Japan Korean Director:이재상 /

Year:2017 Updated:2017-08-28 17:08:10 

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Story about: 爸爸好奇怪
    Japan and Korean TV < 爸爸好奇怪 >
    Director:이재상 /
    Stars:李准 / 李宥利 / 郑素敏 / 金海淑 / 金英哲 / 柳秀荣 / 柳和荣 / 闵真雄 / 安孝燮 /

    This drama is about a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Byun Han Soo is the father and His wife, Na Yeong Shil is a dedicated, responsible mother to his three daughters and one son including Hye Yeong, Mi Yeong, Ra Yeong, and Joon Young. Suddenly one day, Ahn Joong Hee shows up at the household and declares that he is the son of the family. Joong Hee is an actor who used to be a member of an idol group. He begins to live with them.


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