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Half-Life / 半条命电影版 / 半条命

Half-Life / 半条命电影版 / 半条命


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Story about: Half-Life / 半条命电影版 / 半条命
    Science fiction movie < Half-Life / 半条命电影版 / 半条命 >
    Storyline:The Half-Life series begin in the 2000s, at the fictional Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico. Gordon Freeman, a recently employed theoretical physicist, is involved in an experiment analyzing an unknown crystalline artifact; however, when the anti-mass spectrometer beam contacts the crystal, it creates a resonance cascade that open a dimenional rift between Black Mesa and another world called Xen, causing monter to swarm Black Mesa and kill many of the facility's peronnel. Attempts by the Black Mesa peronnel to close the rift are unuccessful, leading to a Marine Recon unit being sent in to silence the facility, including any survivor from the science team. Freeman fights through the facility to meet with several other scientists, who decide to travel to the alien dimenion to stop the alien. On Xen, Freeman eliminates the alien "leader" and is confronted by the G-Man, who offer Freeman employment before putting him into stasis.[2] Back in Black Mesa, a second alien ...
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