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Cool Wife & Cute Husband / 大老婆小老公

Cool Wife & Cute Husband / 大老婆小老公

Actors:Liu Liangzuo / Pan Yijun /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2006 Updated:2017-03-07 20:53:27 

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Story about: Cool Wife & Cute Husband / 大老婆小老公
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Cool Wife & Cute Husband / 大老婆小老公 >
    Stars:Liu Liangzuo / Pan Yijun /
    Storyline:Actress Yang Yuxi is the "product marketing planning department livingshop 'newly hired manager, enterprising her at the age of thirty-three, has been successful, but the feelings is a blank.... Karma, and friends made in feather shop, chaos met more than and 20 year old actor Chen Kaiwen. Kevin later discovered was the Greek feather new manager, and his ex girlfriend grace was so lifelike. But Kevin do not know is that, although the work of the plume, although the strength of the strong, but in life, but it is a small life idiot! Until an accident, Kevin was assigned to the general manager in charge of Greek feather accidentally, only for the "quite different" Greek feather produced the same feelings... In addition, originally thought that the store manager can replace seat Peggy, because the way the Greek feather Cheng Yaojin, "was" a dream wasted. So Peggy all tease feather Xi, not only trying to win over the colleagues together against the Greek feather, also continue to pull the Greek feather hind legs, Gaogui, scandal, making mistake... After Yan Ming found that all things are the original Qi Qi Qi, only to clarify the misunderstanding, and finally contributed to the people together with the Greek and the hope of the plume of the people together in the same place, and finally, the people of the two countries together in the same time, and finally, to make up for the misunderstanding, and finally led to the misunderstanding, and finally contributed to the two people together. But Kevin also found that the life of the fool's life, how exaggerated... Kevin and Yu Xi heats up at the same time, on the other hand, the Kevin family size can not calm, sister Kay are clamoring for a divorce and their children moved back home, the TV sister Samantha NEW
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