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Above The Clouds / 云巅之上

Above The Clouds / 云巅之上

Actors:Chen Xiao / Yuan Shanshan / Jiang Mengjie /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-02-26 18:28:58 

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Story about: Above The Clouds / 云巅之上
    Chinese TV < Above The Clouds / 云巅之上 >
    Stars:Chen Xiao / Yuan Shanshan / Jiang Mengjie /
    Storyline:Jane grew up with her parents, but she was still an optimistic girl. Grandmother died, Jianxi alone left home and went to Beijing to find his mother. Was the mother show indifference refused, Jianxi did not get disheartened, but to become a great artist. With a passion for the show and a great talent, Jane has a distinct role to become a popular actress. Tang Fei's acting career has reached the peak, the individuality is overbearing and capricious, opinionated; until met Jane Xi, he began to re-examine his own life, family and long forgotten dreams also gradually recovered, two people from quarrelling development into a pair of lovers envy. Jane and Tang Fei in the pursuit of art in the process, the pursuit of freedom and dignity, insist on self realization, the ultimate happiness, and with their courage to prove the power of life
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