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Xing Guang Can Lan / 星光灿烂

Xing Guang Can Lan / 星光灿烂

Actors:Wei Fan / Feng Jiayi / Yang Tongshu /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-03-04 01:13:18 

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Story about: Xing Guang Can Lan / 星光灿烂
    Chinese TV < Xing Guang Can Lan / 星光灿烂 >
    Stars:Wei Fan / Feng Jiayi / Yang Tongshu /
    Storyline:Geng Xingguang is a cowherd village, everything is love a road to go black people. Dissatisfied with the village mayor Liu Yanjing bullying their behavior, the idea of forming a big city to work. Just came to the big city around the wall, from the construction site to the hotel, bath center, has done a lot of good work, created a lot of jokes. But he is kind, sincere, tolerant, never give up efforts, and finally found a suitable job in the bath center. He returned to the owner of a ten sub gold watch he will be picked up...
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