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DOMO DOMO / どーもくん / ななみちゃん / 多摩

DOMO DOMO / どーもくん / ななみちゃん / 多摩


Category:cartoon Director:Unknown

Year:2008 Updated:2017-03-09 01:33:44 

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Story about: DOMO DOMO / どーもくん / ななみちゃん / 多摩
    cartoon movie < DOMO DOMO / どーもくん / ななみちゃん / 多摩 >
    Storyline:DOMO is a strange creature is left from the original era not careful. Since the discovery of the "new" thing in the rabbit Grandpa, I have fallen in love with it! (once home to carry on the body of TV personality) is very gentle, but when it meet the unpleasant things will not help. Love to eat cake, I hate to eat the apple is said to be a genetic hobby! It's such a silly, naive coffee story of a furry, unknown, and forest friend.
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