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Slacker's Food Diary / 懒人美食日记

Slacker's Food Diary / 懒人美食日记

Actors:Dylan Kuo / Wu Yingjie / Yu xintian /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2017-02-16 16:28:09 

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Story about: Slacker's Food Diary / 懒人美食日记
    Chinese TV < Slacker's Food Diary / 懒人美食日记 >
    Stars:Dylan Kuo / Wu Yingjie / Yu xintian /
    Storyline:In this fast-paced life, the desire to work more than a day to do a simple and delicious food is a way of life of the young people. Engaged in the work of Zhang Anan and illustrator always "doom" rujiaosiqi, one week before her boyfriend disappeared mysteriously, in nonsense style of doing things and the arrival of the new customer company director Li Ruifan incompatible, but the work machine made serious in speech and manner ANN has a sense of goodwill, and always in love with Ann Wesley Li Ruifan appears as a threat, broke into at this time Ann's cousin Yu Guo their emotional entanglements, which makes Ann this lively and add a wonderful life. And ANN with community coffee shop Lin Qi and Adam a pair of lovers, often for some small noise constantly, and because of some absurd reason and Ann compound, while two people are living as their pursuit of eden. A different character of young people to work together, live together, their stories are written in a simple food safe, happy, sad, angry, bitter, like life in general to write music in my life the passions.
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