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Golden bodyguard / 黄金女保镖

Golden bodyguard / 黄金女保镖

Actors:Tao Yang / Zheng Chunjing / Ma Xinyi / Jiang Long / Yu Mingxuan /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-02-16 16:33:45 

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Story about: Golden bodyguard / 黄金女保镖
    Chinese TV < Golden bodyguard / 黄金女保镖 >
    Stars:Tao Yang / Zheng Chunjing / Ma Xinyi / Jiang Long / Yu Mingxuan /
    Storyline:The early Ming Dynasty, the beauty shop beauty Jane Hall hidden five each bosom stunt woman, Yan Yongle in order to deal with the coming to the throne emperor sun, alias arena heroes Zhao Zigeng secret training most Swordswomen organization, five girls in daily life and beauty salons hilarious and multi potential force mediation and intersection, eventually they grow five super woman set up a "gold female bodyguard", together with his feudal forces, to protect the people and maintain justice. Although the story in ancient times, but all the thoughts of the characters as modern, do their own work, brave in the face of love, friendship, and the offbeat humour, tells the story of a complete subversion of the history of Ming Dynasty story, and through the female martial arts from the perspective of crime by punishing tour, projected by a group of urban young women struggle for the ideal of love and sour, sweet, bitter, hot.
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