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devil05 / 恶灵2005 / 恶灵05

devil05 / 恶灵2005 / 恶灵05

Actors:Li Wei / Michelle Lin / Tang Chenyu / Jennifer / Yilu Wang Tang /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2005 Updated:2017-02-11 11:48:16 

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Story about: devil05 / 恶灵2005 / 恶灵05
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < devil05 / 恶灵2005 / 恶灵05 >
    Stars:Li Wei / Michelle Lin / Tang Chenyu / Jennifer / Yilu Wang Tang /
    Storyline:Zi Liang (Li Wei) and Owen (TAE) in the past are Tibet monks, in charge of "mansorover" edge guard in the world Wahson lotus master legacy "relic treasures", however, had to steal the treasures of life rescue parents Zhuoma (Hong Xiaoling ornaments), an array after the fight, Zhuoma was seriously wounded and dying, two people can not bear to take her life, back to Zhuoma treatment, so between the three emotional entanglements and perplexing, they experience the most difficult love finally gains and losses, resulting in two people of dereliction of duty, to "relic" and scattered all over the world, because of dereliction of shame the son of Liang Shou, with Yu into Lake, and the triangular romance finally became as regret... Life and death after the circulation, again the three reincarnation, the son of Liang (Li Weishi) has been around a girlfriend for eight years to Jane (Michelle Lin decoration), two people were somehow "terrorist hell" around, and Ya Wei (Hong Xiaoling ornaments) even awakened memories of a past life, but because she and Jane have become good friends, so Ya Wei to hurt to Jane, once wanted to give up the child good, but two people who love The imprint is engraved on my heart. but let two people cannot easily give up on each other's love, eventually let to detect two ambiguous Jane yizhuang... Jean jane...
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