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Han Gong Fei Yan / 汉宫飞燕

Han Gong Fei Yan / 汉宫飞燕

Actors:Zhang Tielin / Zhao Mingming / Yuan Li /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:1996 Updated:2017-02-11 11:42:33 

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Story about: Han Gong Fei Yan / 汉宫飞燕
    Chinese TV < Han Gong Fei Yan / 汉宫飞燕 >
    Stars:Zhang Tielin / Zhao Mingming / Yuan Li /
    Storyline:During the Western Han Dynasty, Wei Dynasty is a step toward decline. Poor little sister Zhao Feiyan (Zhao Mingming) and Zhao Hede (Yuan Lishi) traveled to Changan to seek refuge with relatives, but suffered from the well-being of the world, shame bullying. Fortunately, the sisters to become a born beauty, a princess of the kabuki. Gifted with beautiful appearance let them get attention, then swallow in the Emperor (Zhang Tielin) Zhang Fang introduced into the court jester. Swallow pet over, let hedeabove also entered the palace, the sisters also get the emperor's joy and love. However, the palace life is full of danger, I hate Xu queen in the curse of the sisters, the sisters also gradually lost the original innocence and goodness, trying to get rid of ban Jieyu (Li Jianqun ornaments) every competitor, because always can not bear, to have killed the emperor and the other ladies born under the dragon dragon sun. A beautiful legend, but also they bemoaned the tragedy of a sigh......
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