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Three Black Triangles / 黑三角

Three Black Triangles / 黑三角

Actors:Huang Haibo / Xi Meijuan / Lan Qin / Wang Rui /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2008 Updated:2017-02-04 16:55:31 

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Story about: Three Black Triangles / 黑三角
    Chinese TV < Three Black Triangles / 黑三角 >
    Stars:Huang Haibo / Xi Meijuan / Lan Qin / Wang Rui /
    Storyline:In 1949, after more than half a century of war and chaos, the ancient land of China finally ushered in the dawn of the dawn. However, the Kuomintang will never be reconciled to this failure, the Security Bureau of Jiangcheng station in Jiangcheng deployed an "anti Communist JiuGuoJun" and the destruction of city construction "black triangle" plan to overthrow the Communist regime, China. The chief scout Shiyan (Huang Haibo) stepped in, with the underground on the remnants of colleagues launched the investigation and eliminate. He took the opportunity to infiltrate the enemy and the Li Hu Liyingwaihe, and the anti Communist JiuGuoJun Colonel Hou Jingting (Cao Kenan ornaments) launched a contest of wits. The enemy struggle intensified, seemingly aloof from the old lady in the Huang (Xi Meijuan ornaments) to destroy Jiangcheng's military assistance plan. This is the last darkness before the dawn, the dawn of victory will come......
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