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Xiang Cun Ai Qing 9 / 乡村爱情9 / 乡村爱情进行曲

Xiang Cun Ai Qing 9 / 乡村爱情9 / 乡村爱情进行曲

Actors:Zhao Benshan / He Shufeng / Bi Chang / Zhou Yinan / Xiao Shenyang /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-02-09 23:18:17 

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Story about: Xiang Cun Ai Qing 9 / 乡村爱情9 / 乡村爱情进行曲
    Chinese TV < Xiang Cun Ai Qing 9 / 乡村爱情9 / 乡村爱情进行曲 >
    Stars:Zhao Benshan / He Shufeng / Bi Chang / Zhou Yinan / Xiao Shenyang /
    Storyline:Ivory village result is not too ideal, Party Secretary Xu was a headache. The villagers learned that Xiang Xiu and Ma Zhong often quarrel that Ma Zhong bullied sweet show, with long your grace Xu Secretary heard the matter, with the villagers find Ma Zhong reason. The town Party Secretary Xu think practice excesses, withdrew his duties and appointed a "first secretary" presided over the village work. The arrival of the first secretary, do three things: re elected village director, foster village enterprises Xiaomeng tofu factory benchmark and lead the villagers to online sales of agricultural and sideline products. The big met long and long expensive like outside the village doctor Wang Fugen and launched a pursuit, with the help of the villagers, Forgan finally agreed to live in Ivory mountain village, and brought pretty a son and a daughter, caused a stir of villagers. Xiao Yan pregnant, an expert at the instigation of wood, cast doubt on the child's story, Xiao Yan sad. In the joint efforts of the villagers, Song Xiaofeng became the director of the village and to return to the ranks of outstanding Ivory mountain village village; Liu Nenghe of Yutian electric business like a raging fire; Yongqiang with the help of everyone stood up; she and Xiao Yan reconciled; ivory mountain to greet the new year in a thriving scene.
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