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Tutor Queen / 补习天后

Tutor Queen / 补习天后

Actors:Candice Yu / Michelle Ye / Eric Kot /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2007 Updated:2017-02-01 15:19:32 

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Story about: Tutor Queen / 补习天后
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Tutor Queen / 补习天后 >
    Stars:Candice Yu / Michelle Ye / Eric Kot /
    Storyline:"A Hunter" tutorial two founder Ge Li (Eric Kot ornaments) and Mrs. Ge, the success of the tutorial is the result of the efforts of two people together, but the people outside the house is said to be relying on the rich. Ge ceremony of their own strength to prove himself only, opened a new tutorial - "TEN A" in just a few weeks later; and to have a new generation of Suki tutor queen (Michelle Ye ornaments) to become a member of TEN A. Due to the TEN A tutorial has joined the Suki, to register a day of the students had thousands, so that the A Hunter cram school was threatened, but even when Ge Li and mrs.......
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