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Green Forest, My Home / 绿光森林

Green Forest, My Home / 绿光森林

Actors:Leon Jay Williams / Esther Lau / Bu Xueliang / Feng Weijun /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2005 Updated:2017-02-01 15:18:55 

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Story about: Green Forest, My Home / 绿光森林
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Green Forest, My Home / 绿光森林 >
    Stars:Leon Jay Williams / Esther Lau / Bu Xueliang / Feng Weijun /
    Storyline:The story takes place in a fairy tale like green forest. Beautiful and kind-hearted girl Sophie (Esther Lau decoration) is the only daughter of a musical family, has been a happy life. A car accident killed the driver of Sino Soviet home, Su Jia couple adopted his daughter Roxanne (Song Zhiaishi), and she was renamed Susan, as their own. Susan low self-esteem and strong, not only has been jealous of everything Sophie was born with, is more of the innocence of Jin Ouwen and Sophie (Ethan Ruan) and the initiation of love. In Spencer Royal College of Music, Sophie met Prince William Spencer (Leon Jay Williams). Grow up, Sophie becomes the green primary school teacher, Susan became the artistic director of Spencer Academy of music, William inherited his father's home school of music Erwin Spencer, coming back to become the world renowned violinist. However, Spencer to turn off the green primary school, has deep feelings for the green primary school Sophie, in order to protect the green fight......
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