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Qiu Shuang / 风雨女人花 / 秋霜

Qiu Shuang / 风雨女人花 / 秋霜

Actors:Liu Zi / Yifei Tang / Li Tianyang / Wang Di / Yu Xiaowei /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2010 Updated:2017-02-01 15:20:38 

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Story about: Qiu Shuang / 风雨女人花 / 秋霜
    Chinese TV < Qiu Shuang / 风雨女人花 / 秋霜 >
    Stars:Liu Zi / Yifei Tang / Li Tianyang / Wang Di / Yu Xiaowei /
    Storyline:In 1918, the ancient land of China is experiencing the most painful moments. While leaving the town in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, a small and extraordinary life with a dangerous situation was born into this world. The little girl autumn frost upon birth became the bane of the fortune teller mouth, Kefu Ke gram father mother, suffering life, involve the family. Because of the horror of the prophecy, autumn frost was snubbed and supercilious, bring infinite injustice and suffering the death of parents and brother for her. At the age of seventeen, autumn frost (Liu Zishi) came to the doll's home, the mother told her obsession, "never trust a fortune teller, all have to rely on their own to do nothing". In later years, the Japanese invasion of China, the melee, famine disaster, worldly suffering like an ancient brain come in autumn frost on the head, but this strong woman never give up, with its strong arms, the achievements of the enviable career......
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