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Cang Tian You Yan / 苍天有眼

Cang Tian You Yan / 苍天有眼

Actors:Vincent Chiao / Ting Zhang /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:1995 Updated:2017-02-01 15:15:05 

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Story about: Cang Tian You Yan / 苍天有眼
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Cang Tian You Yan / 苍天有眼 >
    Stars:Vincent Chiao / Ting Zhang /
    Storyline:A loving father, a loving husband and a filial son, to expose the crime and a high-ranking Dianpei exile, his wife died the funeral. After reading this, you will find that it is a hero different from other heroes. During the Ming Dynasty, Xingbu seven Shaobai Yu Wang Meng Wei get rebellion secret letter kit, know the matter, is ready to be a eunuch emperor, "nine thousand years" to stop Liu Chengen. At this time, Meng Shaobai know the secret letter mentioned in the palace of collusion is Liu Chengen, he led a small blaze a new trail, fled the capital. Liu Chengen afraid of things brought to light, sent killer to kill Meng Shaobai. The river off a bloody...... Little white wife Yue Niang to distract the guard, fall off the end, whose fate is more dangerous and less white...... In the process of finding a wife, suffered several times...... Thanks to its female and can repeatedly change danger into safety......
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