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Heung Gong fa yuet ye / 香江花月夜

Heung Gong fa yuet ye / 香江花月夜

Actors:Anita Mui / Michael Miu / King Daiyin /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:1984 Updated:2017-01-30 19:10:56 

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Story about: Heung Gong fa yuet ye / 香江花月夜
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Heung Gong fa yuet ye / 香江花月夜 >
    Stars:Anita Mui / Michael Miu / King Daiyin /
    Storyline:A write to make people laugh, welcome back in 50s a poignant story. This is full of strong nostalgia drama "Xiangjiang evening", describe three different origin, different characters of the girls, each with different reasons, in music, they encounter and legendary life, reflecting the history of bitterness was genv. To dance and play several more melodious interlude, bring out this story touch one deeply in the heart. The three girls are square, and small Zhi Mei Bei Tingting cuckoo. Zhi Mei itself is a rich girl, because her father gold failure, unbearable stimulation, stroke paralysis. From the bankruptcy, will only give the adoptive uncle, was forced to stop the Mekong home to support the family, being looked down upon; Zhi Mei mother work, met Ling Jia Yushen not feeling root master. The mother of the little cuckoo in the family as a servant, and Zhi Mei is the cuckoo. The taste of gambling because of the father, resulting in debt, young musicians were forced to make money for the father squandered. The square home economic downturn, introduced to the club by Zhi Mei, Liu boss Joe fancy, holding red star Mei zhi. Zhi Mei's classmate Bei Tingting is vanity, see Zhi Mei are increasingly popular, will do everything possible to get close to her, hope to have the opportunity to become a singer. My cousin Zhou Jiye Mu Zhi Mei Yushen and the...
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