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San Bao Yi Guan / 医神 / 三宝医馆

San Bao Yi Guan / 医神 / 三宝医馆

Actors:Zheng Zeshi / Chen Wei / Bao Jing /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2004 Updated:2017-01-29 19:20:05 

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Story about: San Bao Yi Guan / 医神 / 三宝医馆
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < San Bao Yi Guan / 医神 / 三宝医馆 >
    Stars:Zheng Zeshi / Chen Wei / Bao Jing /
    Storyline:From the master with Sambo, in addition to storytelling and medicine, he does not understand the traditional code of conduct to the outside world. However, because he is honest, skill, we all respect him as a doctor. In the process of creation of the Medical Museum Sambo, Sambo accidentally saved a little girl, a daughter of being gentle, the two formed a friendship between old and young people but also from Sambo, but was involved in a conspiracy, killer......
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