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Protect frogs / 保护青蛙

Protect frogs / 保护青蛙


Category:Documentary Director:Unknown

Year:1964 Updated:2017-03-09 09:06:12 

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Story about: Protect frogs / 保护青蛙
    Documentary movie < Protect frogs / 保护青蛙 >
    Storyline:The frog is a professional pest expert "". It is beneficial to the crops of small animals, books, newspapers, television are introduced to protect frogs. It is very special to catch insects, frogs hunched in to catch insects, support four claws, mouth, staring eyes and stared at the object capture. When it was able to attack, I saw it with a piece of original channeling, big mouth and spit out a long tongue flying fork like lightning, stuck a bug, quickly put the bugs rolled into his mouth. Remember that a frog can kill thousands of pests a day, is a natural enemy of pests. And frog leg muscles are very developed, very strong bounce, it is said that a frog can jump up to one hundred and thirty cm high, such a high altitude, only the flea can be comparable with the frog. The frog's eyes, is the frog bug's right-hand man, his eyes like two pieces of translucent glass balls, drum high, blinking, if there are pests behind it, it can be found in time, will not let the pest escape happen. The frog is also a famous "field guard". The frog can make crops in a field "patron saint", it is in the field, you can let the crops have a good harvest, because the frog can...
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