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Reincamated Love / 異世驚情夢 / 时空生死恋 / 异世惊情梦

Reincamated Love / 異世驚情夢 / 时空生死恋 / 异世惊情梦

Actors:Sunny Chan / Peng Ziqing / Wang Yuwen / Wu Tingye /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2004 Updated:2017-01-24 19:19:11 

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Story about: Reincamated Love / 異世驚情夢 / 时空生死恋 / 异世惊情梦
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Reincamated Love / 異世驚情夢 / 时空生死恋 / 异世惊情梦 >
    Stars:Sunny Chan / Peng Ziqing / Wang Yuwen / Wu Tingye /
    Storyline:Through the ancient and modern two different love stories of time-space, side by side, the same actors played different roles in ancient and modern. Comparison of the two ancient love story, describing the handling of different outcomes, but the two story can influence each other, the ancient people influenced the modern role of the decision, and modern thought has also affected the ancient people's choice, to modern and ancient human interaction influence the fascinating situation. Love in ancient times, it also created a lot of grief at separation and joy in union. Modern and ancient people deal with love can have big difference? Reserved ancient people of modern people, nature, the attitude of love is different, but love always makes people wandering in the ancient and modern conflicts between rationality and sensibility, different choices make different comedy and tragedy. A lot of people for the pursuit of love and life also led to the polyamorous affair, even if is the bedroom, ancient and modern, human seems to have been unable to have a good grasp of love.
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