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kwanjaithailand / ขวัญใจไทยแลนด์ / 泰国爱侣

kwanjaithailand / ขวัญใจไทยแลนด์ / 泰国爱侣

Actors:Kob Suvanant Kongying / Sornram Theppitak /

Category:SG MAS TL Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-02-07 02:26:31 

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Story about: kwanjaithailand / ขวัญใจไทยแลนด์ / 泰国爱侣
    Singapore Malaysia Thailand TV < kwanjaithailand / ขวัญใจไทยแลนด์ / 泰国爱侣 >
    Stars:Kob Suvanant Kongying / Sornram Theppitak /
    Storyline:Gong (Num Sornram) and Ann (KobSuvanant) is a not so typical of husband and wife, they play due to love, from everyone to say well into the real married couple. However, life is not a TV series, the two married life is not so beautiful on the screen. Gong always played the role of generals and bodyguards, screen image is firm and resolute, manly. But in life, he was weak, timid, preoccupied. Ann play more gentle sentimental in romance, everything perfect princess, I was strong and capable, tyranny. The screen prince fell in love with her, love the little man with great a false thing becomes true, let the woman into the siege. In this marriage real mirror, two people finally see each other, each other was shocked to discover that not one. Gong yearn for ordinary life, do housework, take care of children. Ann is the queen, do not want to take care of the child, presided over the affairs of the family. All two individuals, not set in this marriage about divorce if greatly disappointed. Who is expected to have someone else in the home of the East West tube tube, with a large number of fans with a big ticket fans. Hearing the wind fans against the sound...
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