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Island of the Sharks / 鲨鱼岛

Island of the Sharks / 鲨鱼岛

Actors:Linda Hunt /

Category:Documentary Director:Howard Hall /

Year:1999 Updated:2017-03-09 09:06:19 

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Story about: Island of the Sharks / 鲨鱼岛
    Documentary movie < Island of the Sharks / 鲨鱼岛 >
    Director:Howard Hall /
    Stars:Linda Hunt /
    Storyline:Welcome to a tropical Pacific paradise where beauty and danger co-exist beneath the waves! Otherwise known as Cocos Island, this underwater mountain--an Island of the Sharks--is a migratory gathering place for a dazzling array of sea creatures including sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphin. Boasting the world's highest concentration of large marine predator, its water teem with white-tip, hammerhead, black-tip, and silky sharks. A thrilling underwater adventure originally filmed and screened in the large-format IMAX process, this amazing visual and audio experience has been produced to the highest industry standard for the finest quality. A destination not to be missed!
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