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Chinese New Year / 中国春节 / 中国新年

Chinese New Year / 中国春节 / 中国新年


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Year:2016 Updated:2017-03-09 09:06:18 

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Story about: Chinese New Year / 中国春节 / 中国新年
    Documentary movie < Chinese New Year / 中国春节 / 中国新年 >
    Storyline:Lately, a BBC Documentary series "Chinese New Year: The Biggest Celebration on Earth" has become a hit in China. The series was released in the country on Feb. 29, including three episodes: Migration, Reunion, and Celebration.

    Five British presenters get to the heart of China to experience one of the most spectacular events on earth, the Chinese New Year.

    They experience the New Year transport rush and crush by visiting Beijing West Railway Station, the biggest Railway Dispatching and Directing Center in Asia; join the largest motorbike flotilla on earth, as thousands of migrant workers in Guangzhou province head for home as New Year approaches. They also go to the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival - an extraordinary sub-zero celebration in China’s far north east; discover how the world’s best-selling spirit, baijiu, is made in 450 year-old pits and learn the subtle etiquette that surrounds its drinking.
    The best part of the documentary is the direct communication between presenters and ordinary people. After shooting, the series is broadcasted immediately in a few days, which ensures audiences get a vivid experience of Chinese New Year.

    So far, the series has been viewed 12 million times on two of the major video websites in China and is well received both at home and abroad.

    "It is so amazing," said "Kimigo_X号" on Weibo, "I've planned a trip to Harbin."

    Many are touched by scenes in the documentary. "I miss my family," said Lucia on Weibo, "I must visit my grandma next year."
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