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Will the marriage in the end / 将婚姻进行到底

Will the marriage in the end / 将婚姻进行到底

Actors:Ren Zhong / Wan Qian / Su Yan / Wang Ce / Han Qing /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-01-30 01:09:33 

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Story about: Will the marriage in the end / 将婚姻进行到底
    Chinese TV < Will the marriage in the end / 将婚姻进行到底 >
    Stars:Ren Zhong / Wan Qian / Su Yan / Wang Ce / Han Qing /
    Storyline:Older young women who (Jiang Qian Wan ornaments) married Wang Yuming Technology (Ren Zhongshi), male father Jiang Min width and sister Jiang Yilin finally relieved. Wang Yuming career blocked, decided to start their own business, who knows the difficulties, two people into the plight of life. Jiang Yifan found in the physical examination of breast problems, but because they can not determine whether Wang Yuming will never abandon and dare not tell Wang Yuming, decide a person bear the pressure and pain. At the same time, Wang Yuming's former girlfriend Xiao Han injured in hospital, around unattended, Wang Yuming take the initiative to undertake nursing work, this action let Jiang and Wang Yuming who emotional one disaster after another. Jiang Yifan want to divorce, but found that after the divorce will only be more difficult, decided to return to the marriage of self rescue. With Wang Yuming and Jiang Yifan among the two misunderstanding slowly lifted, emotion Shigeyoshi Wang Yuming let Jiang Yifan re touch the warmth of marriage. "There is no perfect, only perfect, adhere to the" Jiang Yifan honor this concept of marriage, the success of their marriage and Wang Yuming the two rookie "semi marriage" to a warm and bright future.
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