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Da Ren Wu / 大人物

Da Ren Wu / 大人物

Actors:Nicholas Tse / Angelica Lee / Liu Tao /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2007 Updated:2017-02-04 10:17:00 

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Story about: Da Ren Wu / 大人物
    Chinese TV < Da Ren Wu / 大人物 >
    Stars:Nicholas Tse / Angelica Lee / Liu Tao /
    Storyline:The children of the old lake lakes, Jiangshan generation of talented people. After you, Lu Xiaofeng legend fade arena, the arena of the most famous is the three famous man: Ge Zhi Xia Yue meteor mountains, Jiangnan and willow character, Huqiu Shaoxia Qin song. The English performance of Qin GE's most commendable: young girl Qian Ning on her wedding day, by the damage of Wulin "Jiangnan seven tiger" on Huqiu. Shaoxia Qin went to war of independence was three hundred and twenty-four, Qi Hu, knife, will "Jiangnan seven tiger" to save Qian Ning life. Sisi is "Jinxiu Villa" farmhouse field of only putting her daughter. Just dreaming of marriageable age, itinerant life, even worship big lakes in. Qin song is her ideal lover in dream, though never met, but he thinks that the thought. But the father had forced her to marry right away, and the groom was the pulp Jieyi brother Yang's son Yang Fan simon. Sisi's point person on the wedding day the first arena female son clearly points to hold her Jinxi! But with delicate clothes on, out of the park villa. Soon, and also for out of villa, and find Sisi, found that two people fall in love, to make a living away from home. Under the guidance of the delicate, think think just know river lake is not simple.
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