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One Must be Strong to Forge Iron / 打铁还需自身硬

One Must be Strong to Forge Iron / 打铁还需自身硬

Actors:Yao Yujun /

Category:Documentary Director:Unknown

Year:2017 Updated:2017-01-08 15:10:41 

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Story about: One Must be Strong to Forge Iron / 打铁还需自身硬
    Documentary movie < One Must be Strong to Forge Iron / 打铁还需自身硬 >
    Stars:Yao Yujun /
    Storyline:By the Propaganda Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, CCTV jointly produced the TV documentary "the blacksmith needs its own hardware in January 3rd" on the 5 day at CCTV integrated channel 8 news channel broadcast every night, every night 9:30 replay. Feature film reflects the party's eighteen years, the discipline inspection organs conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping's instructions, all strictly put yourself into it, to strengthen self construction, improve internal control mechanism, resolutely clean up, to prevent black light, and strive to build a loyal clean play the supervision team, embodies the "blacksmith own hard, always on the road" sober and tenacity, in response to concerns and expectations of the people within the party. Feature film is divided into three parts: the first part "the trust can not replace supervision", the "prevent" black light ", the" loyalty "to undertake the interpretation. Feature film crew went to 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), interviewed more than 30 discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, shooting a total of more than and 10 cases. Zhu Mingguo, Jin Daoming, Wei Jian and so on more than 10 of serious violation of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres during the analysis of their illegal behaviors and ideological transformation, and set people thinking sobering warning and education very important.
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