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Plastic China / 塑料王国

Plastic China / 塑料王国

Actors:Jiuliang Wang /

Category:Documentary Director:Jiuliang Wang /

Year:2016 Updated:2017-03-09 09:06:21 

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Story about: Plastic China / 塑料王国
    Documentary movie < Plastic China / 塑料王国 >
    Director:Jiuliang Wang /
    Stars:Jiuliang Wang /
    Storyline:This film tells a story about an unchooled 11-year-old girl Yi-Jie, she's a truly global child who learn the world through the United Nation of Wastes while working with her YI minority parents in this recycle workshop thousand miles away from their mountain village home town. Going to school is all she longing for. And the ambitious boss of the workshop Kun, who works so hard for trying to give his family a better life. Through the story of these two families, the film explores how these wastes recycled by the bare hands of families, and discover their dilemma and choices of suffering irreverible damages on life just to make a living. It also observes that the world is flat and issues don't go away by changing time and location - we're all in this together.
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