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Book of the Atlantic  / 黑执事

Book of the Atlantic / 黑执事


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Year:2008 Updated:2017-01-01 15:48:35 

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Story about: Book of the Atlantic / 黑执事
    Singapore Malaysia Thailand TV < Book of the Atlantic / 黑执事 >
    Storyline:In the second half of nineteenth Century, in the Queen Victoria era in Britain as the background, the protagonist is a noble method has a Hayne Butler Sebastian. He set knowledge, education, taste, cooking, martial arts, such as eighteen weapons in one, can not be described as a drawback of the housekeeper. And he served is the owner of a wayward 12 year old master charles. Sebastian's true identity is the devil. Charles with soul as the cost and contract. As a demon, his purpose is to obtain the pure soul charles. As a deacon, he was given the slightest care charles. This is the story of a deacon and the host, which also are the jokes, and all kinds of strange murders. Finally, Sebastian is able to receive the shire perfect soul?
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