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The Rocking Sky / 冲天

The Rocking Sky / 冲天

Actors:Jin Shijie / Zhang Aijia / Cai Cande / Alyssa Chia /

Category:Documentary Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2016-12-23 15:57:44 

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Story about: The Rocking Sky / 冲天
    Documentary movie < The Rocking Sky / 冲天 >
    Stars:Jin Shijie / Zhang Aijia / Cai Cande / Alyssa Chia /
    Storyline:During the second World War the Republic of China suffered immeasurably at the hands of invading Japanese forces. With the R.O.C having only 300 capable aircrafts for combat and the Japanese Air Force consisting of over 2,000, the eight-year aerial duel caused many young pilots to engage in a fiery sky battle with their enemies, and sadly, meet their demise. These pilots knowingly left their homes and their loved ones with heavy hearts and harrowing odds of ever returning.
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