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Decomposition of the world / Disintegration-分解世界-

Decomposition of the world / Disintegration-分解世界-


Category:cartoon Director:Tee Egg /

Year:2016 Updated:2017-05-28 09:29:10 

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Story about: Decomposition of the world / Disintegration-分解世界-
    cartoon movie < Decomposition of the world / Disintegration-分解世界- >
    Director:Tee Egg /

    People with multiple souls can gain the power of decomposition, feel the essence of the world, understand, master, and change the rules and do whatever they want ". In December 17, 2014, the 13 most powerful "decomposer" in their respective fields combined their ability to decompose and restructure the world, a year known as the great revolution. That day the whole world was reinvented, from social rules to physical rules, and the existence of the decomposer was exposed to the eyes of ordinary people. Beyond the earth, those who stand on top of the food chain decomposition. "He" should be one of them, but chose confrontation, with the strongest decomposer as the goal, trying to make the world return to the original state, only to have the opportunity to love with people again embrace.


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