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Narkee / Nakee / นาคี / 三面娜迦

Narkee / Nakee / นาคี / 三面娜迦

Actors:Ken Phupoom Phongpanu / Nataporn Taemeeruk /

Category:SG MAS TL Director:Pongpat Wachirabunjong /

Year:2016 Updated:2016-12-11 00:36:14 

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Story about: Narkee / Nakee / นาคี / 三面娜迦
    Singapore Malaysia Thailand TV < Narkee / Nakee / นาคี / 三面娜迦 >
    Director:Pongpat Wachirabunjong /
    Stars:Ken Phupoom Phongpanu / Nataporn Taemeeruk /
    Storyline:The mother of the mother had saved the life of a snake, and later, when she was born, the female Lord, unfortunately, died, the snake with the power to make the female master came alive again. The male master is an archaeological student from Bangkok, who has fallen in love with the woman. The villagers in the village where the woman was in the village came to realize that the woman was a snake, so they tried to kill her. Because they feel that the village has a bad thing is the female main harm. In fact, the villagers do before too many bad things, everything they encounter is karma. Women during hibernation, the villagers took the male and female master mother, will want them alive. The woman came back to save them, which also led to the female Lord never to return to human form. At the end of the story, the male monk, a lifetime of Buddha and Qing Deng as partners, women are always serpentine.
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