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My War / 我的战争

My War / 我的战争

Actors:Liu Ye / Wang Luodan / Tony Yang / Ye Qing / Huang Zhizhong / Wang Longhua /

Category:War Director:Unknown

Year:2016 Updated:2017-02-14 13:53:48 

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Story about: My War / 我的战争
    War movie < My War / 我的战争 >
    Stars:Liu Ye / Wang Luodan / Tony Yang / Ye Qing / Huang Zhizhong / Wang Longhua /
    Storyline:The battle of the 4 period, Chinese with such a valiant brave volunteers, they decided to defend the country went home, together with the experience of life and death fight together day, established a deep emotional revolution. Sun Beichuan (Liu Ye) is the core leader of the team, he is a veteran in battle, rough but kind-hearted personality, on the battlefield has always been fearless, and met the head of the troupe Meng Sanxia (Wang Luodan ornaments), this is another layer of responsibility. Meng three is a hearty personality, stubborn softhearted hip, with Sun Beichuan on the origin of rough bickering, after experienced the test of life and death battle, Meng heart awakened summer tenderness. At the same time, Sun Beichuan's brother, trumpeter Zhang Luodong (Tony Yang ornaments) of three summer Meng dark feelings, alone the fate he created a simple, optimistic personality, in order to match Beichuan and summer, he is willing to hide their feelings, but only relatives in father Li Shunliang sacrifice, Zhang rakuto first taste of pain taste. Li Shunliang (Huang Zhizhong) is Zhang Luodong's father, is also in the team of veteran Youzi, he is indifferent to the speech sentence poke is crucial, nine lubricant, is Zhang Luodong's spiritual mentor, his sacrifice contributed to a major transformation of Zhang Luodong life.
    Wang Wenjun (Ye Qing) is a progressive youth art troupe in summer Meng excellent origin, she used her life to the lover Liu Shiwen (Wang Longhua ornaments) interpretation of the trust and support, inspired the patriotic sentiments of the intellectuals with side of the heart the most strong, most men, he contributed by intellectuals to real soldiers life sublimation.
    This group of little insipid and extraordinary, in the brutal war of hard years, writing because of love - hate war story
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