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Ancient Chinese Whorehouse / 青楼十二房

Ancient Chinese Whorehouse / 青楼十二房

Actors:Kent Cheng / Elvis Tsui / King-Tan Yuen /

Category:Story Director:Kai Ming Lai /

Year:1994 Updated:2017-04-06 16:15:52 

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Story about: Ancient Chinese Whorehouse / 青楼十二房
    Story movie < Ancient Chinese Whorehouse / 青楼十二房 >
    Director:Kai Ming Lai /
    Stars:Kent Cheng / Elvis Tsui / King-Tan Yuen /
    Storyline:Tang Dynasty, five girls and the carpenter was a time of national peace and order, jointly organized by the brothel "moon fang". Just the disciple Yi desire in pursuit of the Fang Jing, because of misunderstanding and refused; how material bandit flowers, not only the plaza and cyanine animosity, all the more force against the bandit flowers advance and retreat together...
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