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Under the Gun / 枪下 / 枪口之下

Under the Gun / 枪下 / 枪口之下

Actors:Katie Couric / Ted Cruz /

Category:Documentary Director:Stephanie Soechtig /

Year:2016 Updated:2017-01-02 16:32:00 

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Story about: Under the Gun / 枪下 / 枪口之下
    Documentary movie < Under the Gun / 枪下 / 枪口之下 >
    Director:Stephanie Soechtig /
    Stars:Katie Couric / Ted Cruz /

    A drastic rise in mass shootings has ripped across the US in recent year. Despite a growing body count and the chorus of outrage that comes with it, America has failed to respond. The film explores why this is and how the firearms industry's lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, has developed a stranglehold on the politics of the issue. Searing and powerful, Under the Gun ultimately gives a human face to a crisis that is scarring the concience of a nation.


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