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Devil and Angel / 恶棍天使

Devil and Angel / 恶棍天使

Actors:Deng Chao / Sun Li / Dai Lele / Liang Chao / Yang Xinming / Wang Yanhui /

Category:Comedy Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2016-03-02 16:19:10 

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Story about: Devil and Angel / 恶棍天使
    Comedy movie < Devil and Angel / 恶棍天使 >
    Stars:Deng Chao / Sun Li / Dai Lele / Liang Chao / Yang Xinming / Wang Yanhui /
    Storyline:Because of a car accident, a high IQ low EQ Curve Wrecker female check knife (Sun Li) who encounter villains in full-time Dun Murphy (Deng Chao). It is hard in blackmail check knife depressed, think about your relationship with her mother to work was fired by the boss will become more desperate. Accidentally check knife see psychological doctor cures Difficult miscellaneous diseases zhe Ergen (Liang Chao) advertising, she decided to help the doctor cornered, unexpectedly in the clinic encounters the villain in it. Confound check for fear of seeing the villain is a knife, but did not expect to be eager to divert the doctor as "medicine" was introduced to suffering from severe insomnia is. Check the doctor told the knife, Murphy is able to cure her psychological problems in "medicine", the knife to reassure check. Thus, two different personalities become partner. Two an extremely arrogant and despotic, an extreme cowardice, there has been a series of exciting and laugh and tears the story in the process of collection.
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